One year of making 3d images

We are very happy, proud and thankful for a busy year of making 3d images! It’s really great to look back at all the things we’ve made since this adventure began, and it’s also great to see that somebody enjoys our work.

More rainy images from our latest project

More rainy images from our latest renderings of the Century-old Hangzhou Normal University. Everything is 3D, made with Cinema 4D and Corona (and of course a touch of Photoshop).  

Reborn of Century-old Hangzhou Normal University

Our latest mission was to portrait the reborn of Century-old Hangzhou Normal University in this new campus that consists of more than a dozen colleges forming a rich puzzle. In the center of these puzzle a huge site hosts a core area complex, with several blocks and a fully open space for pedestrians. Everything is made with Cinema 4D and Corona.

Cortex Park

This is our 3D replica of Cortex Park, designed by CREO ARKITEKTER A/S + ADEPT and photographed by Adam Mørk. Everything you see in the renderings is made in 3D with Cinema 4D and Corona.

Let’s go back to the 2008

Let’s go back to the 2008 with this 3D replica of the extension of the Commercial University Luigi Bocconi in Milan designed by the Irish duo Grafton Architects.

Casa GP

The goal of our last images was to create a faithful replica of Casa GP designed by AE Arquitectos and photographed by Lorena Darquea, and play with 3 different natural light setup: daylight, sunset and evening.

Foggy mood

One more image of this building located in Nancy (France) and designed by Studiolada, this time with a different foggy mood.

LSD interior

Designed by Isabelle Stanislas and decorated by Laurence Simoncini, this apartment is located in front of the Louvre Museum, and this is why you see the replica of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

Faroe Islands

This is our first attempt to make a computer generated image inspired by one of the most inspirational and unexplored places in the world: Faroe Islands.