What is the cost of our images?

As you may know, without knowing something more about your project it is a bit difficult to tell a clear cost estimation. Let’s try to focus on what we need to make a cost and time estimation. Collect the answers to the following questions before you contact us.

How many images do you need?

– from 1 to 5
– from 5 to 10
– from 10 to 20
– more than 20
– including variants of the same image
(day/night lighting setup, materials/colors variants, furniture type/arrangement variant)

What type of image do you need?

– interiors visualizations
– exteriors visualizations
– product visualizations

What resolution do you need?

high resolution (from 4000px to 6000px width)
ideal for large format print – magazine/brochure
medium resolution (from 2000px to 3500px width)
ideal for website with large images background, large screen display, powerpoint presentation
low resolution (from 1280px to 1920px width)
for website navigation from smartphone/tablet, small printed card

Do you need:

– only the images in “flat” image file format (Jpeg, Tiff)?
– images + project files (3d models, light setup, textures, final open PSD files with adjustment layers)? (Warning: this makes the cost much more higher)
– animation/video?
– special content (stereoscopic images, 360° panorama/spherical images, VR, augmented reality, PNG with transparent background, other)?

What type of deadline do you have for the images delivery?

– precise and not postponable deadline (for instance: June 30, 12.00 am)
– soft/flexible deadline (for instance: somewhere between June 15 and July 15)

About the 3d model:

– are you going to send us a base/rough 3d model supplied by you?
– do you need us to create an accurate, detailed 3d model following instructions/drawings (plan, elevations, section, details) supplied by you?

What usage are you going to do with the images?

– personal/private (printed or digital)
– commercial presentation to customers/investors (printed or digital)
– participate in a competition (printed or digital)
– make training course, tutorial, video-tutorial
– print in magazine or books
– sell merchandise (t-shirts, clothes, mugs, gadgets, posters, books, wallpapers)
– make NFT
– make royalty free illustration or stock images/videos
– other

What is the main goal of the images?

– encourage the purchase of a product
– show technical features of a product
– convey emotions / tell a story
– all of the above

Do you have example/reference imagery similar to what you expect to see in final images?

– if the answer is “yes” please send these images to us so we can make a forecast of the effort
– if the answer is “no” please try to tell us in words (or, better, making a visual mood board) what are the image’s main features (colors, weather, lighting, landscape, overall styling, everything else that comes to your mind and can help us understand what you have in mind)

Do you already have in mind an amount of money to spend (“per image” or total) that you consider reasonable for the delivery of these images?

– between EUR 500 and EUR 1000
– around EUR 2500
– around EUR 5000
– around EUR 10.000
– I don’t know

Will you allow us to share the images and the client name in our portfolio and social networks?

– yes
– yes, after I share the project details on my website and social
– yes, once the contest/competition is finished
– no, I want the images to be exclusively on my website

Do you want us to make an interior design/styling proposal for your interior spaces?

– yes please
– I have a rough idea of what I want, but your help would be very appreciated
– no, my idea is clear enough, I just want you to give a little touch
– no, I have a very detailed design, I just want you to help me visualize it


About review rounds

When working for someone for the first time, we are very flexible about review rounds. We need to know each other’s workflow.
We basically do what is needed to make our customers always completely satisfied, but we usually offer 3 review rounds:

major review (in which you can ask us for big changes);
mid-term review (in which you can not ask us for big changes anymore but only for minor changes);
final review (in which you can only ask for details fine tuning)

This is the meaning of various changes type:

Big changes (everything that takes a big amount of time to be processed):
– dramatic changes to light setup (for instance: “turn lighting setup from daylight to evening/night + artificial lights”)
– big changes to the shot: (“move the camera to get a completely different shot – different angle, different ratio, different lens”)
– modifications to the main 3d model body (modifications/updates to the room plan/section, overall measurements, room connections, windows position)
– modifications to the 3d model sub element (modification to the fixed furniture such as type/number/size of kitchen cabinets, island size/position)
– dramatic modifications to the overall style of materials, furniture and decoration (for instance: “let’s move from nordic interior style to neo-classic interior style”)
– dramatic modification to the colors of the scene (for instance: “let’s change the room walls from white to black” => it means everything become more dark and the whole scene need to be adjusted)

Minor changes (everything that require a smaller amount of time to be processed)
– change/remove one element (change the sofa type, change the lamps type/material, change the plants type and size)
– change one/two materials (“turn the wooden floor into a concrete floor”, “turn the fabric sofa into a leather sofa”)
– add or change or remove decoration elements (plants, table decorations, books, frames, pottery)
– changes to main furniture positions (connected decorations need to be adjusted and rearranged)

Fine tuning (all those little tweaks that can be processed in almost no time)
– changes to the color, saturation, contrast of current elements (can be done with Photoshop adjustments, so no need to open the scene and re-render the image)
– remove or changes to small decorations elements (can be done re-rendering only a small part of the image and put the new patch in overlay on the previous image)

The price for additional changes must be calculated according to what you will ask us to change and the effort required. Once we have received your requests we will make an accurate estimate according to work hours (for small changes) or work days (for bigger changes) needed to process your requests.