Chaos Scatter setup for Cinema 4D and Corona

Create realistic, outstanding and effortless grass and lawns in your images with this easy to use Chaos Scatter setup, useful for both wide shots and closeup shots, ready to render with Cinema 4D 2023 and Corona 9!

Get this product here: Chaos Scatter setup for Cinema 4D and Corona

This product includes:
· C4D project files with a 4mx4m grass surface and Chaos scatter setup
· 9 Physical materials (node editable)
· 15 high quality textures (4000px resolution)
· 5 camera settings
· Render settings and VFB settings
· 9 different 3d models ready to be scattered in your custom surfaces
· FBX and OBJ interchange files with UVW maps

The 100% of what you see in the rendering is created from scratch. The renders need no post-production.

A few more info about this product
· Adjust the clone count and the amount of each single 3d asset to get the result that meets your needs
· Adjust the slope sensitivity to ensure that the grass only grows in flat areas (useful when using wavy grounds)
· Adjust the Multishader Hue Random value to get stronger color variations
· Change the Random seed value to generate different combinations
· Get perfect trimmed edges and avoid greenery to go out of bounds with Corona Scatter Edge Trimming shader setup in all materials
· Fill the Areas box with your Splines to create paths or flowerbeds

Instructions and helpful tips when using the setup in your custom scene

· Put the surface you want to cover with grass in the Chaos scatter’s “Distribute On” box
· Adjust the clone count according to the surface size

The best clone count is more or less 200 for each square meter, so if you have a:

· 2m x2m surface = 800 clones
· 3m x3m surface = 1.800 clones
· 4m x 4m surface = 3.200 clones
· 10m x 10m surface = 20.000 clones

· Make sure your surface is not perfectly smooth but a little wavy
· Make sure your grass has a low sun backlight to trigger a proper translucency effect
· If you have no sunlight in your scene, adjust the tone mapping to get a perfect look: higher exposure, more contrast, warmer white balance
· Enable Camera Clipping to make the grass exist only in camera field of view and get faster render time

All our Cinema 4D and Corona scenes are hand made polygon by polygon and include light setup, materials, textures, camera settings, final PSD with adjustment layers (if needed), furniture and props with a high level of detail. You can use them to improve your visualizations or learn from the files, moving inside the project, observing how light was created and handled, how materials are developed, and the values that fill every single option.

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