EULA License

Before purchasing and using our products, please make sure you understand these terms and read the allowed and not allowed uses.

Lucydreams offers a collection of interior and exterior architecture scene (“Content”, “Files”, “Scene”) for digital artists (“You”, “User”). Our scenes are easy to use, well organized, and they include 3d models made from scratch, high quality textures, materials, light setup, render settings and PSD files with post production adjustment levels. This is an agreement between You and Lucydreams company.

Once you purchase one of our products you get a single-seat, one-time fee, non-exclusive and non-transferable license, for individuals or single member of your team.

Our scenes do not have any type of protection, you can use everything you find in the scene to build your own and improve your 3d visualizations or movies. You can access and use the 3d models, the render settings, the light setups, the materials, but above all you can learn from the file, moving inside the project, observing how the light was created and handled, how materials are developed, what is the role that every textures play within them, and the values that fill every single option.

Feel free to contact us if you need any support or different file format:

Allowed and not allowed uses

You are allowed to use the Files:

  • in creating animations, imagery (renderings), games and visualizations
  • with no additional licensing fees required
  • in unlimited projects forever
  • across all media worldwide, and
  • in all personal and commercial projects

You are NOT allowed and You can NOT:

  • use our products (or imagery made from) in training course, tutorial, video-tutorial
  • use our products (or imagery made from) as a logo, trademark or service mark
  • sell any type of merchandise (t-shirts, clothes, mugs, gadgets, posters, books, wallpapers) using images in which our products are clearly recognizable
  • use our products (in whole or in part, alone or in combination with other products) or imagery made from to make NFT
  • use our products (in whole or in part, alone or in combination with other products) or imagery made from to make royalty free illustration or stock images/videos
  • use our products (or imagery made from) for unfair/foul advertising
  • lease, resell, license, sublicense our products
  • re-sell or redistribute (commercially or otherwise) our products to other users outside your license limits in any Country
  • upload our products on a thirdy part service and share the link on illegal pirate websites
  • falsely represent or imply that you are the original creator of our products (or imagery made from)
  • repackage our products (in whole or in part, alone or in combination with other products) in any kind of content or product, plug-in, 3d application.

Modifications or changes are still derivatives of our original products and you can not sell or distribute them as your own.

Additional license / special purposes

If you want to redistribute or repackage (in whole or in part) the Files in products such as 3d models, light setups, materials, scenes or other contents, or you want to use the Files to make your own tutorial or training course, please contact us for additional license:


If you purchased one of our models and the model you purchased does not meet your expectations or does not fit your need or does not work in your workspace, you can always ask for a complete refund. Just write a message to:

Lucydreams reserves the right to update these terms without notice.

Updated: March 2023