How to use our models

Our models are meant to be used in Cinema 4D and 3dsMax workspaces, with V-Ray or Corona render engines. Before you buy some one my model be sure to read the description of the model to see what software or render engine is required in order to use that model without problems.

If you open the scenes using the right software (Cinema 4D or 3dsMax) and the correct render engine (V-Ray or Corona) you will find light setup, render settings, camera settings, material and texture applied to every object. You will just have to hit the render button and everything will work. If something doesn’t work you can ask for our support, we’ll be happy to help.

Exchange formats

You can ask us for one of the many existing exchange file formats (FBX, OBJ, 3DS, STL and others) to open the 3d model in other 3D workspaces such as Maya, Blender, Unity and many others.

Keep in mind that some 3d elements of the original scene could not be found in the export files because instances, symmetries, cloners, and many other native C4D tools can not be converted in geometry, otherwise the file would become too heavy.

For the same reason some 3d objects could not be textured after import because they are made using native C4D or Max material/texture projection that can not be exported. The way to get the same image using different 3D workspaces or using different render engines (for example: Cycles, Arnold, F-Storm, Octane, Redshift, Maxwell) is to manually re-apply lights, render settings, camera settings, materials and textures to the objects of the model using the native tools of your workspace on your own.

Remember that if you purchased something from our models and the model you purchased does not meet your expectations or does not fit your need or does not work in your workspace, you can always ask for a complete refund by writing a message to

Allowed uses

You are allowed to use our models in order to create advertising images for your business as long as you respect the allowed and not allowed uses that you will read in the EULA license page.